Posted by: annie | March 7, 2010

Good on You

I’ve been walking along this path for the last couple of weeks, usually on my way to school which leaves me little time to wander. It’s about 2 minutes from where I live, practically in my backyard. Last weekend I went for a walk and decided to do a little exploring when I saw this guy walking briskly into the trees with a backpack. I hadn’t thought that there could be hiking trails through there, I guess because it’s just sort of in the middle of the city next to the highway and there’s nothing to indicate any trails. Here’s what I found in there:

I was able to take a little trip down to Auckland last Sunday for the jazz and blues festival that was happening down at Mission Bay which is a cute area of town with lots of shops and restaurants near the beach. The beach was great and the music was pretty good. Tracey and I settled on hanging out at the stage that was actually on the beach so we could relax in the sand with a beautiful view of the full moon. All of this was wonderful until a band got up on the stage and began a jazzed up poppy rendition of Nirvana’s Come As You Are that, seriously made me embarrassed to be listening to it. Can anyone even conceive of how that could sound good? Also weirdly, there were loads of teenagers there. Not just any teenagers, teen girls dressed like they stepped right out of my teenage closet. Is this happening everywhere? I heard the 80’s were coming back but I’d never seen it on this scale. Brightly colored combat boots, big bows in big hair, fringe purses, high top shoes, short cut off jean shorts with flash dance off the shoulder tops, and of course some Lucky Star Madonna outfits. What????? I tried to get some photos but teen girls are like wild animals or something. They are never separated from the pack. Anyway, here are some pics of Mission Bay:

Oh, I haven’t mentioned a new Kiwi word for this post yet so I’ll go with an often heard phrase around here. “Good on you” pretty much means: good for you but I think it can replace things like that’s great or good job or go for it.

Something that amuses me on almost a daily basis is my inability to understand what the heck these Kiwis are saying sometimes. It’s funny how an accent can make certain words indecipherable. I tried to order some food today and I didn’t understand a word the guy was saying to me. You know you always get a second chance when you pretend you didn’t hear them the first time, but once that happens then I just have to stare at them for a minute while my brain tries to fill in the blanks and they probably wonder if I even speak English because I’ve probably got some bewildered look on my face.  The worst is people from other countries that have been here a long time and have layered a Kiwi accent over oh let’s say some Eastern European type accent (the guy from today). Impossible!!!

Well that’s it for now and good on you mates!!



  1. Yes the 80s are coming back – I think what you’ve seen is a taste of what’s to come to the states. We are always on the back end of the trend. So thanks for the heads up. And a Nirvana song is bad on its own – I can’t imagine a crappy cover, glad I wasn’t there to hear that one. Later.

    • hey Corin,
      you should have seen the kid with the Will Smith Fresh Prince of Bel-Air outfit on (the early years) NEON is back!

  2. Hi Annmarie,
    Good On You, is the music wasn’t enjoyable at least the people watching was!! OMG the 80’s back……at least it’s not the 70’s.
    Talk to you tonight mate!!

  3. Wish you could download that one for RockBand…I bet I would Kill it!

    • ha ha ha 🙂 good one littleB, but if anyone’s going to KILL anything on rock band, it’s me

  4. While I loved high tops-I was never a fan of the Madonna Lucky Star outfits. I hope they stay just in New Zealand! Well, Good on you for keeping up with the blog. I’m loving it.

  5. good on you for doing some exploring. were you wearing your jandles when you did that or were you barefoot? just teasing.

    the 80’s are back and i don’t get it. these kids have no idea. i shake my head every time i see a kid in acid wash skinny jeans.

    i totally get the inability to understand someone that’s supposedly speaking english. that’s how i was in scotland. i’ll be thankful that you’ll have mastered kiwi by the time i come visit! you can translate for me.

    cheers, jen

  6. My dad always says “Good on ya!” I don’t know why, but it drives me batty. I think I wouldn’t mind it if we were actually IN New Zealand or had some kind of background associated with New Zealand because I think I would like hearing it down there. But hearing him say it in Montana is just plain weird!

    I love the pics! Such a beautiful place, especially the hidden treasure you found on that path.

    Speaking of Madonna, Kelly made up a new song with Bella while watching her eat snack today:
    We are living in a Cheerio world and I am a muh-Cheerio girl!

  7. I love all of the language learning that you are experiencing. How are your SW courses going? Your blog is awesome. I’m loving the pics and your writing.


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