Posted by: annie | March 23, 2010

City of Sails

Kia ora (hello).

This last weekend I enjoyed some time on the sea in Auckland.  I was invited to have breaky (breakfast) with some of Tracey’s friends.  I never refuse a brunch, so I ended up in Auckland Harbor for the Louis Vuitton sailing competition.  There was a boat going out to watch the sailing in the afternoon, so I signed up with one of the other brunchers.  I was hoping there was some possibility of seeing dolphins, but on further reflection I guess boat racing might scare them off

Before the boat could pull out of the harbor we got word that the race had been won.  It had been between the Italians and New Zealand at this point and New Zealand had taken the trophy.  Since we were all on the boat already they decided we’d go out for a cruise once the winners were received and congratulated in the harbor, and weren’t we lucky to have a front row seat for this.  We actually weren’t allowed to leave because of all the boat traffic.  It was certainly slow-moving as the VIP boats sailed through dropping off people.  I perked up when the very handsome Italian 2nd place finishers sailed by.  Finally, the New Zealand team came in to a round of applause and cheers from a fairly loud crowd along with the drumming of the Maori performers on stage.  Louis Vuitton was also on hand to offer congrats.  He stood out on the receiving pier looking flash (posh) in his finely tailored sailing ensemble. Here’s some photos of the boats:

the Italians

New Zealand

We finally had our cruise around Auckland and I took some photos:

Then we saw something on our way back  into the Harbor that was truly exciting.  Okay, so I don’t get over excited over Hollywood stars, but there is one that I would seriously consider a stalking profession for.  Some of you can probably guess who that is and I know some of you might enjoy employment in my stalking agency.  Now, I didn’t actually see him, but I do have this photo of Johnny Depp’s boat in the Auckland Harbor.  Isn’t it sweet as……… (awesome)

I can’t figure out how to zoom in and save this. sorry.

I’m seriously considering changing this blog to Annmarie’s log of the going ons at Johnny Depp’s boat:  WHERE ARE YOU JOHNNY?

I have some photos of the Western Springs Park in Auckland.  There was a Pacific Island festival a couple weeks ago.  There’s a pretty large Pacific Islander population here.  The festival was huge and there were thousands of people there.  Each Island had its’ own area with a stage, food, and stalls selling merchandise.  I had a great time and especially enjoyed the dancing, singing, and drumming that we happened upon.  One of my favorites for crafts was Tonga.  I didn’t choose well in terms of food, but had a tasty dessert in Tahiti while watching half-naked men shakin’ it. I didn’t take pics of that, but here are a couple others.



  1. Annmarie, Johnny’s boat reminded me of Pirate’s of The Carribean!!! OMG I want to be the first to be hired in your agency…..stalking just my style!
    NZ is so pretty, and what a fun fesitval!!!
    Keep the pics coming really enjoying them!

    • Aunt J, I’m a little concerned that stalking is “just your style”. there must be some men out there with interesting stories about you.
      char, LOL…..I know I know. can you believe I have pictures of birds from that day and none of the men?????
      Jen and aunt J, we should totally have visited wisconsin during that filming and we could have had a stalking vacation
      mom, I’ll keep the Russell Crowe thing in mind, I definitely want to get over to australia while i’m here

      • Ya, well, who knew, I didn’t know he was in town…..Corin-you’re not communicating!

  2. okay, 1. i would totally stalk with you, and i would do it volunteer, no payment necessary
    and b. loved your commentary about the island boys.
    and furthermore, you should totally start another blog called where are you johnny?
    fourthly, you sound so happy! i am glad you are enjoying yourself and having fun.


    I mean, what a lovely, cultural time you’re having….. (:-)

  4. Ahh – Where were you when Johnny was filming Public Enemies in good old Milwaukee, WI??? He spent a lot of time here and in the Oshkosh area. I never saw him, but I bet you would have if you tried and you probably could have gotten to be an extra in the movie. Apparently Mr Depp is a very good tipper. You may have to step up your game if your agency is going to be a success. Sounds like you’re have a great time. Miss you.

  5. Annmarie, aren’t you suppose to be studying instead of stalking stars? I do like Johnny but if you ever get to Sydney there is a highrise there supposedly where one of my favorite actors resides. Russel Crowe. I was keeping my eye out for him when our ship was in the harbor but to no avail. Sounds like your having a great time, we’ll talk to you soon. Love Ya

  6. Annmarie, what, no-no stories from men about me-no!!
    Joan, Russel Crowe, not even in Depps league, sorry!
    Jen, we need to talk, who will be lead stalker??
    More pics Annmarie…….can’t wait to see what the Island brings you!!

  7. aunt j, it sounds like you have more stalking experience, so you can be in charge. i will learn from the master!

    • OK Jen, I will take you on a Majic Carpet ride! Johnny-here we come.

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