Posted by: annie | July 28, 2010

how’s the weather?

It’s midwinter here in the southern hemisphere and it still feels like fall to me.  When I chose to live in this area of New Zealand one of the main reasons was the mild weather.  I was hoping it would be similar to Santa Barbara.  I thrived in that sunny temperate climate where I could always smell the sea in the air.  I can’t smell the sea in Albany, but the climate here is fairly similar to Santa Barbara.  I got a little worried when locals insisted winter was really cold and suggested I may want to get myself an electric blanket. Then I’d remember that day in Minneapolis when it was so far below zero we were advised to not leave our homes, that’s really cold.  I had a feeling our ideas of what was cold were climates apart so I figured I’d wait and see. I’m a whiney wuss about the cold and so far I haven’t even taken my winter coat off its hanger.  And no need of electric blankets, a little electric heater and my favorite IKEA comforter (warmth rating 4) are all I need.

It’s often sunny and usually between 50-60 degrees during the day.  Rain comes through often enough with the grey clouds reminding me of Portland, but the rains are unpredictable and may be over in an hour making way for the sun to shine again.  I can’t count the number of rainbows I’ve seen since I arrived.  It is at least a weekly occurrence to look up into the sky and see the vibrant colors of the rainbow stretching from one end to the other.  I love that!

Since the weather is so nice when the sun is out, I decided to get out for some tramping (hiking).  A little while back I had bought a book of popular day hikes in New Zealand.  I also joined up with a hiking meet up group figuring they would know the area.  The hiking group was going on a hike about 15 min from where I am so I signed up looking forward to getting out on the trail as long as the weather didn’t go to custard (turn crappy).  On the day, I got a late start and ended up missing the group as it turns out they are fairly punctual and started on time.  I brought my camera and made some stops for photo ops so I probably would have ended up well behind the group either way.  It felt great to be out in the forest with the trees and the birds and unfortunately the mud.  This adorable older couple, who totally sped by me, said it’s always muddy on the New Zealand trails.  This one was called the Okura Bush Walkway and it guided me through a coastal forest of nikau, pohutukawa and regenerating kauri (all great trees)ending on the beach of a quiet bay.  I even came across the upside down pinecones mentioned by my mother.   Here are some photos:



  1. the pictures are beautiful, I wish we would have had time to do some hiking while we were there, maybe on our next trip. Dad says watch out for foot fungus on the wet trails and bring extra socks. Hiking with a group sounds like fun and a good way to meet some new friends, you just have to be on time. Love ya Mom and Dad

  2. Shoulda known you’d be TRAMPIN it up! HA! I love the colloquialisms (is that the right word??).

  3. I am glad your day didn’t go to custard and you got to do some trappin in a beautiful forest!! Love the land and trees…..I can just immagine a rainbow over the treetops!

  4. i don’t know, a day going to custard sounds delicious!

    my dad would love the weather blog post. i am loving all your wonderful photos. keep posting! i like it!

    love jen

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