Posted by: annie | August 28, 2010

netball anyone?

Last weekend I was invited to watch Zee play netball.  It was the championship game for her team.  I thought it would be fun to attend the game since I had never witnessed the game of netball being played, although I have driven by the courts and wondered why the basketball courts looked so weird here. Here’s an example of how the courts and the basket look.

Zee talked a lot about training for netball and the trials and tribulations of her team in the weeks leading up to this game.  I hadn’t been out to see it earlier because they play outside rain or shine and the last few weeks have been gray rainy days.  I wasn’t that interested in netball.  Honestly, I zoned out during much of those conversations cause I just didn’t get it, having never seen the game.  I did gather it was a lot like basketball but with some adjustments.  Netball is mostly played by women and was derived from women’s basketball.  There is no dribbling of the ball, it’s a pass and shoot game, and the girls take their time positioning themselves under the basket to shoot.  The basket is closer to the ground. I don’t think you can try to steal the ball from someone, and the ladies play zones so they don’t run the length of the court.  I guess it’s fairly popular in the Commonwealth Nations, it is played quite a bit here.

I arrived late for the game having missed the exit off the motorway and making a couple wrong turns trying to get back on.  When I found Zee’s game they were tied.  I was able to pick up what was going on fairly quickly and started cheering the team on for the win!  By the last quarter they were still tied but Zee’s team managed to make some good plays and come out ahead in the end.  They were really excited to have placed first.  Here’s some more pics:

this was a younger girls team

Since we’re talking about Zee:


“I’m munted today”

(really tired/wornout)

This afternoon Tracey told me tomorrow was inorganic rubbish collection day and asked if I had anything to put out.  I might have answered if I had any idea what she was talking about.  She said  you can put out anything you don’t want anymore and they’ll pick it up.  This explained the many trucks and vans driving around the neighborhood that morning with odd appliances and furniture and also why there were mattresses, tables, desks, carpets, etc… out on the lawns of the neighborhood.  I spotted a nice looking mattress down the road and made my way down there to test it out (mine isn’t as firm as I would like) It wasn’t much better so I left it for someone else.  I couldn’t help taking a little drive around town checking out what people were putting out.  Tracey thought the recession was definitely affecting the quality of inorganic rubbish this year.  Apparently, in previous years the offerings were much more exciting.  I think some of you would really enjoy this day (Joelfre) and probably would have found some real treasures.

I had some time after the netball game last weekend to visit one of the beaches on the west coast of Auckland.  Bethel’s beach is a black sand beach which is kind of cool and the beach area is really pretty.

quicksand ????? I steered clear of here



  1. I think netball is a game you have to see in action to appreciate-as it sounds rather boring… passing, no steals…..I am sure it is much more exciting in the real!
    This beach kind of reminds me of the Oregon Coast, except for the black sand.
    Did you find out if it is common to have quicksand around?
    Happy Trails
    Aunt J

    • I don’t know about the quicksand and the beach is sort of like the oregon coast 🙂

  2. the beach reminded me of the oregon coast as well!

    “inorganic rubbish collection day” sounds really fun. especially for those of us (joelf) who love free treasures!

    i recently listened to a podcast about quicksand! it is free, from stuff you should know entitledcan quicksand kill you? maybe you should listen, just in case!

    • so you’re going to make me listen to the podcast instead of telling me if the quicksand can kill me?????

  3. Oh my gosh, Maryanne, I would love that day! It sounds like my day!!!

    And I love the beach photos, especially the last GIANT one!! The sand looks so sculpted!

    Love you!

    • I’m glad you liked the giant one. I wanted it to be somewhere between the normal size I use and that giant size, but I don’t have that option. it’s either the smallish medium or giant. And how much fun would it be to drive around town picking up free stuff???

  4. yeah i’m going to make you listen! its only 20 minutes. 🙂

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