Posted by: annie | October 9, 2010

I went to the music awards

I have been working hard (well sort of),(ok not really) at my placement for the last month or so. In fact, the other day we spent most of our time at the beach for some creative strategizing. I was there mostly for support and for the trip to the beach, is there a better place for relaxing and creative thinking? We’ve gone there enough to have a bit of a routine. I bring my camera for any photo ops, we stop for a lunch of fish and chips, coffee, or some locally made creamy ice cream (sadly they do not import Ben and Jerry which means no more Cherry Garcia so this stuff will have to do), and we visit the birds to see how they’re coming with mating season. I’m anticipating the birth of the little ones which should happen around November or December. Yay!!

Here are a couple of pics of the sheep that roam the rolling green hills of the country side on the road to the beach. I figured I ought to have sheep pics considering there are more sheep in New Zealand than people.

this mum had her eyes on me the whole time I was snapping my photos

here’s a couple little ones

On this day, I had been invited to go along with my co-workers and some of the young parents we work with to the New Zealand Music Awards that were going to be broadcast on television.  We had been given free tickets  so I figured it would be fun to see the performances and have a night out.  I have become somewhat familiar with popular New Zealand artists through the radio and tv.  The local channel does a little spotlight on New Zealand artists in place of a commercial sometimes which I think is cool as (you can just say as after descriptive words to emphasize them) this was sort of annoying at first, I was always thinking as what??  why don’t they finish a thought?  ha. now I’m saying it.

I actually had a favorite nominee.  Stan Walker is a former Australian Idol winner.  He’s a Maori New Zealander/Australian ,sometimes referred to as a Mozzie (Maori Ozzie) and is played on the radio really often. I was happy to see him win for people’s choice, international achievement, and highest selling single.  I would say of all the artists that got a start on Idol, he’s my third favorite after Adam Lambert (I think NZ loves him too because they play him on the radio all the time) and Kelly Clarkson.  If you’re curious here’s some Stan Walker:

I also really like this song by Brooke Fraser. She wasn’t nominated for any awards this year but check out her catchy song.

The awards themselves were actually a pretty good time.  It moved quickly, the host was entertaining, the performances were good, and the speeches were short.  Annoyingly, it seemed everything was corporate sponsored.  This included the awards themselves: “The Vodafone NZ Music Awards”, and some of the individual awards like:  the “Mazda Best Female Solo Artist”, and the “Steinlager Pure Best Group”.  I found it odd and distracting. I was also distracted by a young man sitting behind me who would create a mantra of the artist he wanted to win at every category announcement and repeat this mantra until the winner was announced. He had a particular favorite that was nominated many times throughout the night. “Dane Rumble”, “Dane Rumble”, “Dane Rumble”  He was wrong 99% of the time.  I hope he didn’t have any money on it.  The one time Dane Rumble won, was the one time in the night this guy wasn’t even there to chant his mantra. Ha! Sorry guy 😦

I have no photos worth posting, but I’m going to upload some you tube videos of some of the artists if anyone wants to sample some Kiwi music. I found one photo just to give you an idea of where we were sitting.  By the way, if you ever wonder what’s going on during commercials at awards shows, based on my experience, it’s nothing.  It is kind of entertaining to watch the cameras zooming around the stage and audience and the camera guys scrambling around the stage.

here’s DANE RUMBLE, Best Male Solo Artist:

this is Gin Wigmore. She was the big winner of the night.

The Phoenix Foundation, Best Group:

Anika Moa, Best Female Artist: (she was one of the highlights of the night, a beautiful voice and a hilarious woman)

Kids of 88, Single of the Year:

David Dallas, Best Hip Hop

did you know these guys were from New Zealand?? I loved this awesome 90’s tune:

And finally, I don’t think I can do a post on NZ music without mentioning this song. If you watch anything, watch this one. I love it. I think you could say it’s a NZ anthem. It was originally released in the 80’s and recently was featured in the NZ film “Boy”.  This video has clips from the original video and the movie.

here’s The Patea Maori Club with Poi E:

Of course, this is a little sampling of NZ music. I hope you found something you enjoyed 🙂



  1. Wow! Were you at the awards show live? or did you watch it on a big screen with a group or something?

    It all sounds exciting! How is your school going??

    love you!


    • yeah, we were at the live show. I tried to take some photos but they didn’t come out very well. It was kind of exciting, the young parents we were with were especially excited to be there.

      school right now is just my work/placement so that’s going really well 🙂

  2. Of course I liked the last one the best! They were all good… is universal!!!! Glad you had a good day on the beach brain storming…..loved the baby sheep & it’s moma.

  3. How fun to attend a music awards ceremony! I wanted to hear some of the songs you posted but they were blocked in the US for copyright issues. I’ll have to YouTube them. I did get to listen to several that weren’t..loved Poi E..what a random video with Michael Jackson tribute/spoofage. Glad to see some sheep getting props on your blog. Miss you and love you. Julie

    • hi Julie, bummer about the videos being blocked. I wonder if I could find different links that aren’t blocked…. I’m glad you could watch and enjoy Poi E. love and miss you too. Annmarie

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