Posted by: annie | December 2, 2010

lunch at mine

I had an eventful week in the country during the Thanksgiving holiday.  I hope you all had a great day and enjoyed some good food.  It was sunny and warm here and didn’t feel at all like Thanksgiving.   Things around my little sleep out were bustling and busy.  I hosted a nice luncheon at mine for my friends from the women’s centre, we all made friends with the sheep that lives alone in the paddock, there were people here painting the house, and people outside my window and behind the sleep out all weekend collecting wood.  Not really the peaceful country life I envisioned.  Luckily things have calmed down this week.

I took a few pics of the sheep while we were making friends:

Heather is feeding him weeds which he loved

He loves to be pet.  Isn’t that adorable?

this is where he was hanging out until he saw us and then he came running

After we had gone back to my place, I heard some kids yelling outside.  When I looked out the window, I saw a bunch of kids gathered at the fence at the end of the sheep’s area yelling to him.  When he saw them at the fence, the sheep went running across the grass toward them.  When the kids finished their visit with the sheep, he followed them as far as he could down the path.  So cute!

We all felt sad for our new sheep friend as we realized how much he seemed to enjoy  company.  He must be lonely out there all alone but we also wondered why the owner of the property put him out here. Was he a bully?

The following day Steve (the owner) was here and I got the story of why our sheep friend was ousted from the flock to his solitary paddock.   Steve told me that the sheep was raised by another family as a pet and when they bought him, he didn’t enjoy being around the other sheep.  Apparently, there’s a little stream on Steve’s property and the sheep would swim himself across it and then stand on the other side making a lot of noise.  Steve would go out, tie the sheep’s legs together, put him over his shoulders and cross the river to bring him back to the other sheep.   The third time the sheep got himself stuck on the other side of the stream, the sheep peed on Steve while he had him on his shoulders and that was the day he was transferred over here to his very own paddock where he much prefers the company of humans.

I really appreciate this story for the peeing on Steve part because Steve was here that day with his chainsaw and when I went back into my sleep out he started cutting down the beautiful trees right behind me.  I was sitting inside listening to the noise of the saw, then the creak of the tree beginning to fall, and finally the shaking of the ground as the tree fell to the earth.  After a few of those, I started getting really angry because he just kept cutting and more trees fell and I could feel it vibrate through me when they hit.  It was really sad.  I went out to ask him just how many he planned on cutting.  He said, “every one”. Unbelievable!! He complained that the needles were getting on the roof and he would have to clean them too often.  How he thinks needles are coming from the trees that line all the way down to the end of the paddock is beyond me.  He ignored my pleas to save some of the trees and cleverly deduced that I was a “greenie” which he said with very clear disdain while he informed me that he was practical.

Ugh, can you tell how much I dislike this man?

Well, here’s some photos of the offending trees:

there were trees all the way up to the house

here are the trees that were cut down

Luckily Steve has some respect for the guy that rents the house in front and was persuaded to save the bulk of the trees that he hasn’t already cut down for the practical reason of privacy. Marc and Sarah were as upset as I was about losing the trees.  They figured he was going to make some money for the wood.

on a lighter note:

look at what’s growing on my citrus tree:


The answer to the slang quiz:

My shout = my treat

so I’ll shout you some chippies = I’ll buy you some french fries.

Jen was the closest although Joelfre’s guess sounded more fun.



  1. Sooo sorry about the trees…but, thank God the rest were saved!! Of course you know I would love the little sheep……awwwww.
    Sounded like the girls liked the outing at your sleep out.
    Talk to you soon!
    Love Aunt J

  2. okay the sheep is even cuter now that you’ve shared some photos! now i really want to rescue him. we could be best friends!

    • you would totally be best friends. he’d love you. let’s see if i can get him on a plane…..

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