Posted by: annie | May 4, 2011

All is well

Hi everyone. just a quick note to say all is well. The tornado that hit in New Zealand was actually in Albany which is where my school is and where I lived when I first arrived. It hit the grocery store that I used to shop in all the time which is pretty much next door to my school. Luckily, I wasn’t in town that day. I checked in with Tracey and Brittney (my old housemates) and they and their home are fine, just a little shaken up. It is very rare for a tornado to hit anywhere in New Zealand.



  1. So glad you are okay and not living in your old place anymore. Thanks letting us know you are okay. Much love-Julie

  2. Annmarie,
    Glad you are OK, did you hear about all the tornado’s that hit here?? It was unreal. Glad you are doing fine and things are well, miss you!
    Aunt J

  3. Hi Annmarie!
    Thank you for checking in to let us know you’re safe. In the future, I hope tornadoes leave NZ alone!
    Miss you!

  4. Annmarie,

    I love for an update! LOL


  5. And by “love” I mean “long” for an update…

    • Hey Nikki, I finally updated 🙂

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